E. G. Educational Services


E.G. Educational Services, L.L.C. have access to the latest educational materials from many book publishers and software manufacturers. These materials are used throughout school districts across the country. If you want to improve your comprehension of reading and understanding of math, give us a call.

Geographic Areas
E.G. Educational Services, L.L.C. have tutors that will tutor in the following areas:

Philadelphia County
Delaware County
Chester County
Montgomery County
New Castle County
Wilmington, Delaware

Teacher Support
E.G. Educational Services, L.L.C. have teacher support staff available to mark test papers, prepare tests, etc. This support will allow you to do what you love doing, and that is teaching! Whatever support that we can lend to a busy teacher,
E. G. Educational Services, L.L.C. is available.

All tutors are degreed in many fields and committed to helping raise grades and self esteem.